Welcome to our family run supplement / nutrient page.  WE are unique in that we offer small batch handmade and hand bottled at time of order items to ensure freshness.  No synthetics, chemical or preservatives are used.  No food dyes or artificial anything is used in our products.  

Due to the nature of what we offer it can take 5-14 days to shipment   We appreciate your understanding in this to ensure you get the freshest product we can provide. 

All of our products are unique in their recipes and offer many benefits to supporting a healthy lifestyle.  Many of the products we offer were developed for our own families and the business was a created our of this necessity.  

You can use the contact form to connect with us   We do offer consults and can also put an email plan of action together to support your body in its healing or maintenance.

Returns:  Due to the nature of our products returns are not accepted.  We do strive for the best customer service possible if there is a problem with your order please let us know & we will work it out with / for you.  Thank you for your support & May the Lord Bless you!